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Serenata Beach Club Refresh

The Serenata Beach Club was ready for a refresh. Over time it had become dark and dated.


Looking to attract a younger membership, they needed a more contemporary design attitude.



Serenata dining room.jpg

Going Coastal

Our goal was to lighten up the dining and banquet rooms and create a comfortable place for members to play games and dine with friends and family.


We also wanted to make it a beautiful, inviting venue for weddings and events.



Going Coastal

To give the room a lighter, beachy feel, we added wainscoting, and painted the walls and ceiling white.

The atrium was sided with matching tongue and groove. 


ante room.jpg

We replaced the dark wood seating with whitewashed cafe chairs, and the heavy red floral carpet for a neutral shade. New table tops in a complimentary stain no longer require tablecloths.


Wrought iron light fixtures and white accents helped to contemporize the feel, emphasizing the beachfront location.


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