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My name is Jean Colonomos and I've worked with Jody Marcil on two homes over a period of 9 years.


The biggest job we worked on together was when I built a home in Santa Monica from the ground up. Jody Marcil was the interior designer and as you can imagine, it was a job that required many skills, from designing rooms, to researching furniture, tile, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, and whatever else was required. This project took almost two years with occasional touchups over the next several years until I sold the house. Ms. Marcil's professionalism was exemplary so much that whenever I change homes, she's the first person I consult to work on my new place.

Jody Marcil has excellent taste, which is what I look for first in a designer. But it's not enough to have taste. The designer has to realize the vision and I can honestly say that in every case and in every room Ms. Marcil realized my vision.


One of Jody's talents is being able to adapt herself to her client's taste. And she brought in the job at the budget we set. Her vendors or contacts were as professional and talented as she, and the mix of the two gave me an extraordinary home,

I later moved to another house and that too, she put together for me with grace and aplomb. Suffice it to say that I love living with her designs.

I hired designer Jody Marcil to work on a wide variety of home projects, including makeovers of my kitchen and two bathrooms, lighting, skylight and window redesign, creating a stone fireplace, refurbishing the exterior of the house and garage, selecting carpet, flooring, and much, much more. Jody helped design and oversaw the making off new furniture such as a couch, upholstered chairs, computer table, and the like. She offered suggestions for changes in room design and furniture configurations that that were most helpful and which we had great fun implementing together. One reason I hired Jody over others I considered was because of a handful of excellent ideas that she shared with me right off the bat, such as opening up the entry to the kitchen in a way that was simple and inexpensive, but which yielded great impact. Real bang for the buck ideas.


My experience in working with Jody has been nothing but a pleasure. She brings an air of calm and competence to what can be a chaotic process. She has been thoroughly professional not only in conceiving ideas and drafting plans, but also in working with vendors, suppliers, and in navigating showrooms. In my case, we worked closely together in coming up with our plans. She "understood" my house and the direction I wanted to take it. She respected my ideas, but was always able to improve upon them and bring them to fruition. Jody is in no way autocratic, but I have no doubt she could handle any design project that came her way, whether working closely wit the client or spearheading the entire project from scratch. 


Susan Hanger

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